Choosing Christine as my Doula was the best decision. I believe she played a big role in making it possible for me to  deliver naturally after a c-section. From the moment I met her I felt an instant connection. Christine was very positive and reminded me that my body was capable of doing this and everything will be fine. Talking to her I always felt great. During the birth she was awesome. She made the birthing process easy and memorable. She reminded me to embrace the pain instead of fighting it. Which made it easier to cope with the pain. The techniques we used during labour made it easier to deal with contractions. After the birth she supported me with breastfeeding. She was also amazing with my toddler, who adores her too. 

Christine is very passionate about what she does and gives it 100%.

-Sheba, November 2017

Gabriel came unexpectedly. I learned I was pregnant and becoming a single mother, and I was petrified. Christine offered to doula for me, and reassured me I was going to do just fine. She was my friend first and quickly became my doula. Because of her passion for what she does, I was able to give birth to my healthy baby boy Gabriel on March 8 2018. He was 7lbs and 3oz and I was able to have him naturally even due to my health illness.  I’m forever thankful and grateful for her presence of calmness and her friendship.

-Amber, March 8, 2018

Christine helped my baby have the best start to life. As new parents, it was incredibly helpful to have Christine assist my husband and I right after the birth of our son. Having our parents and friends there to help was good, but their knowledge was not as up to date and sometimes their approach led to more stress than necessary. Christine helped us learn current parenting practices while also being calm and supportive, which helped us gain confidence.

Even before the birth of our son, Christine helped with preparing for labour by teaching my husband and I valuable techniques to encourage a successful birth. Shortly after that, she came for an emergency session without any notice when we found out our baby was losing weight drastically. Christine raced to my house and coached me on breastfeeding and supplementing techniques that were vital to getting my breastfeeding journey off to the right track. I feel so confident now, and it is all thanks to her help on that day and on the days that followed. 

Whenever I had a question about being a parent, Christine was available by phone or in person to help me. She taught my husband and I how to bathe our son, and now he absolutely loves bath time thanks to her techniques! She helped us with constant breastfeeding coaching, and with a difficult diaper rash problem that we didn’t know how to treat. She helped us learn quickly while also giving me a much needed break when things were getting difficult. 

On top of all of the amazing knowledge she passed down, she also was extremely supportive and amazing with my son. She always had words of encouragement to help me on my parenting journey. My husband and I are so thankful for her help, and would recommend her to anyone! 

Thank you so much, Christine!! 

-Tara, August 2019

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