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positive birth    A movement to increase women’s choices and satisfaction with birth, with free meetings.  If you want to understand and support the incredible way your hormones help you cope with labour and give birth, and breastfeed, this booklet is for you!  Written by Dr. Sarah Buckley, who extensively researches hormones in pregnancy, labour, and breastfeeding.  An amazing site.  As advertised. Co-authoured by Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett.  A good video on the home page of laid-back nursing.

For more videos of laid-back nursing at birth, try googling ‘breast crawl ’ on youtube.  The co-author of the book ‘Breastfeeding Made Simple, Nancy Mohrbacher,’ comes together with an RN and MD, Theresa Nesbitt.  Their breastfeeding site is great and has some really good video where you can watch many examples of ‘laid back’ or ‘Natural’ Breastfeeding, along with great tips.  The co-author of the book ‘Breastfeeding Made Simple’ has her own website.  Scroll down the page into the text a bit and you’ll find links to her YouTube Channel, and also her course for breastfeeding preparation.  She advocates the natural or laid-back positions for breastfeeding, especially early breastfeeding.  This is an amazing resource.  Dr. Jack Newman’s breastfeeding clinic site.  Some really excellent tools.  I love the breastfeeding videos.  You can learn what it looks like when your baby drinks well at the breast.  Great blog articles.  A left brained approach to breastfeeding which can work really well to solve problems with breastfeeding.  A great resource if you run into problems nursing and want help.  Especially if you have tried local resources and feel like giving up.  Go here first!!

videos of breastfeeding: Jack Newman's site.  Check out “Really good drinking” to see what it looks like when a baby is swallowing milk (really valuable to know what drinking looks like). Or “Baby 28 hours old assisted latching” to see mom latch the baby in an upright position. Or “baby led mother-guided started upright left breast, latches” for a more natural position.  A great resource for breastfeeding and parenting information.  A website that helps you learn to help the baby turn to the easiest position for birth, hopefully shortening labour and avoiding unnecessary Cesarian section, through maternal positioning and exercises.  The website of the famous American midwife and childbirth activist.  Learn how to trust your body and reduce interventions.  A comprehensive balanced medical advice site which covers pregnancy to Toddler years.  Excellent information on co-sleeping, attachment parenting, and babywearing.  Includes information for special needs children.  Also has a great balanced discussion of the pros and cons of vaccination.  An intelligent, research based look at the co-sleeping debate by Professor James McKenna, PhD.  A site dedicated to education about and prevention of the unneccesary use of Cesarean Section.  Also has information about VBAC birth (vaginal birth after Cesarean).  This site has so many amazing birth stories submitted by women.  Of interest to women who have been sexually abused: type 'sexual abuse and birth' into the search window.  An excellent article by an abuse survivor who gave birth and learned about healing.  One in four women have been sexually abused and many find that the process of being pregnant, especially birthing, and also parenting can trigger memories and emotions from the abuse.  There is hope,  and healing is possible!  An informative site for all things childbirth related.  Benefits of babywearing include better child development and easier parenting…what’s to loose? Automotive analogy site for Dads.  Very well written, with a section for Aboriginal Dads.  A good resource for mothers and families suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Research sites:   A nurse researcher thoroughly reviews the current research available to find evidence about best birth practices. Excellent. The research blog of Lamaze International. Promotes healthy, safe, and natural pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.  Based on most current medical evidence, and an excellent resource.  A site filled with research article about women’s health, postpartum depression, infant sleep, and breastfeeding lots of research articles to browse. Want to know all the research on how eating whole foods is so good for you and your baby? This is the site!  Heavily research based advice to control/reverse Gestational Diabetes by Lily Nichols,a leading dietician in the US. (see above website) Uses highly nutritious real food and somewhat lower carbs, combined with exercise and other tips, to help manage blood sugars, helping mom and baby to have best outcomes.

Position statements and recommendations by top health organizations:  Baby Friendly Initiative Ontario.  A site dedicated to promoting the World Health Organization’s Baby Friendly Initiative, which recommends certain best start practices during labour and delivery.  Look under the tab ‘What we do’, then the heading ‘Child Survival’, then the topic “Nutrition” to find an excellent summary of the extraordinary benefits of Breastfeeding.  Canadian Paediactric Society’s web site.  Go to the tab ‘What we do” and select the option ‘Position Statements and Practice Points’, Then select 'Nutrition and Gastroenterology Committee’, then select ‘The Baby Friendly Initiative: Protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding’.  This is a good statement that supports the Baby Friendly Initiative. The Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.  Includes information on select topics in Pregnancy and Childbirth, as well as Position Statements on many topics related to Pregnancy and Childbirth.


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth - Ina May Gaskin  The classic book by the famous American midwife.  Half this book is birth stories.  The main take away for me from this book is the incredibly powerful mind-body connection during childbirth.  You have the ability to influence your own birth in amazing ways.

Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers - by Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett   What a fabulous resource for those who want to nurse their babies.  Practical and uncomplicated.

The Baby Book (2013) - by Drs. William and Martha Sears.  An excellent reference book for the childbearing year up to the Toddler age.  Excellent explanation of Attachment Parenting from the infant’s point of view.  Balanced information on co-sleeping and baby wearing.

The Birth Partner - by Penny Simpkin.  The renowned doula, author, and childbirth educator tells partners how they can help in Labour and Delivery.  Comprehensive.

Gentle Birth Choices - by Barbara Harper.  A classic book on how to birth your baby in a gentle safe way.

Your Amazing Newborn - by Klaus and Klaus  You will truly be amazed by the abilities of your brand new baby!

Recommended Health Practitioners   A RMT also trained as a doula, serving Port Perry, Uxbridge, and Scugog. She gives prenatal massage, which can help with swelling and sore joints, and more. A lactation consultant, baby wearing educator, and sleep consultant who works in Durham, York Region, and East Toronto. Highly recommended.

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